Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wind world

Remember Wind Girl? She retired from superheroing, but the Wind Country is still quite alive in Moira's imagination. Things I have learned about the Wind World recently:
Many words in Wind sound like completely different words in English, making translation difficult. For instance, the Wind word for dog is "Cat" and vice versa.
There is a thriving expat Wind community in our neighborhood. Moira, and 100 of her Wind friends, plus a personal maid for each of them all live in one small house a few blocks from us. There are a large number of Wind dogs and cats living in the same neighborhood, but each of them gets their own house, unless they are married, in which case they share.
Each country on Earth has their own society of Winds, who do things differently. Mostly based on what temperature the local winds are.
Each Wind has to do a year of work on the superhero team. Moira stepped down when her year was up.

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