Thursday, June 27, 2013

What we did today

After quiet time, Moira requested an art activity. I have been wanting to do blown straw art again, so we gave that a try.
Experimentation time
I figured that Davis would just use a brush, but he insisted on trying to use the straw, and he actually figured it out (there was also a fair amount of sucking on his part).
Anyway, what we did was drip liquid watercolors unto paper and then blow the liquid around with a straw. It makes cool shapes, and depending on how you aim, the liquid and air react differently.
We have some florescent water colors, and I wanted to use those (because we have more colors), but that paint is a lot thicker. We'll have to try them again watered down more.
Because I was helping Davis with his art, Moira was doing her own dripping, so of course she ended up with a lot of extra paint. I suggested we see what happens when we put another piece of paper on top. She was resistant at first, but I showed her on one of Davis' and she liked it. Every time she made a new print she told me which one she wanted to keep, and which one we could give to someone else.
She also tried putting glitter on one of the pictures, but I'm not sure the water colors are tacky enough for it to stick.

*Updated to add*
As I expected
As I suspected, the glitter did not stick to the watercolors. Instead, it made a resist which made the wet paint wick away from where it was, leaving these little star shapes. That is so cool, and something we will explore on purpose some time soon.


  1. Ah, cool! You learn so much from kids' experimentations. I'll have to try this sometime, if we ever have a clear tabletop.

  2. Oh, my son would love to try this...maybe on a warm outside-ish day. It looks like it could get messy.