Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mamatography week 23

5/23. PJ's
5/23. PJs
Somehow I got the photos out of order, so I shared the photo from 5/24 last time. Here is Davis, not in PJ's at all because I also didn't manage to get a themed photo this day. Disorganization for the win!

5/25. Us
5/25. Us
I made this set of peg dolls for Moira, and she adores them. Walker, me and the baby peg doll were the first set when she was 3, but when Davis was born, I decided she needed a new peg, so the little one is Davis now.

5/26. Favorite Thing to do on Sunday
5/26. Favorite Thing To Do On Sunday
Dress up fancy and go places!

5/27. Can't Live Without
5/27. Can't Live Without
Love. And date nights (technically this was a date afternoon). Even when we get a flat tire on said date night.

5/28. What You're Doing Now
5/28. What You're Doing Now
Sitting in the car while the baby sleeps.

5/29. Kiss
5/29. Kiss
Davis has been extra snuggly and mommy focused lately. Extra kisses!

5/30. Tools
5/30. Tool
Moira agreed to let me make her some shorts so that she has enough pants/shorts for a full week of zoo camp. This is my first time tracing a pattern from one of these combined pattern sheets. It was easier than I expected.

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  1. The flat tire date is an experience!

    I've many times been waiting out a car nap and never thought to take a picture.

    Love those peg dolls!