Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy birthday Moira!

After a lot of pre-birthday activities, we have finally reached the actual day of her actual birthday!
Birthday girl
I asked her this evening how it feels to be five, and she said it feels like she's 10, because she feels like she's grown so much over night!
Birthday dinner with Moira
Walker and I took her out to dinner last night, just the three of us. We went to a conveyor sushi place, and she was so excited she kept telling us that we should go to a place like this. "But we are at a place like this!" "When can we come again?"
She wanted fondue for dinner on her actual birthday, because she loves Asterix comics and they have fondue in one of them and every time someone drops food in the cheese, people shout "The whip! The whip!" Amusingly, she just barely dips her food into the cheese, but it takes her a long time to do it. I guess because she has to be so careful not to dunk it all the way in?
Moira's beach birthday
She wanted a beach birthday, and so I rented half of a rec pool, because, as I explained, there is no way that the weather is going to be warm enough for us to go to the beach at the beginning of May. Of course, we are having a heat wave right now, and it was in the high 70's.
Moira's beach birthday
The kids all seemed to have a good time. Well, Davis took awhile to warm up to it. And it was very nice to not have to clean up my house before or after.
Comfy reading spot
I showed her the selection of beginner reader books at the book store the other day, which she's already discovered at the library. She is convinced that you don't learn to read until you go to Kindergarten. The adults in this house are all convinced that she's already reading. Today we sat down and looked at one of the books she checked out of the library last week, and she sight read more than 10 words, including "Brair Rose" which I thought was pretty funny. I'm glad she's considering admitting to us that she can do this.
The jaguar has lots of spots
The one thing she really seems to be struggling with lately is art. I think she wants to do photo realistic pictures, which obviously, she's not quite ready for. We've had a few tears at Children's Museums when her pictures did not urn out right. We've been talking about different artists and different techniques, but she's still a little hesitant. She was excited about making her annual birthday painting though. It was really interesting to watch her mix colors and try different techniques and tell me a story about her painting while she did it. You can see her jaguar in this picture here.
5th birthday painting
Then the jaguar jumped into a muddy pond, in a grove of trees. I had a very hard time masking my disappointment. I will be happy when she's done with the preschool beige phase of art. But, I did love hearing her story, and I will try and remember that when I look at the finished product.
She can bike up the hill
Happy birthday Pinky. I look forward to seeing what the next year brings.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Moira! :)
    It looks like a wonderful birthday celebration! :)