Sunday, April 7, 2013

This guy

Pretty boy
I'd say we have a full blown toddler on our hands. His latest thing is that he MUST walk where we are going. Unless he's tired, or his feelings are hurt, or I forced him to put his shoes back on, or whatever. He especially wants to walk if I didn't put his shoes back on and it's raining/muddy, but then he only walks a little bit before realizing that parts of him are wet, and also dirty, and I should clean him off right now.
He has to do everything Moira does, from art, to reading, to getting his own snack, thankyouverymuch. He has to try some of whatever anyone else is eating too. Eating requires a plate and utensils now, and he frequently manages to get his food onto his fork. It frequently also requires a napkin, so he can clean his mouth between bites.
He loves to get fancy, and think about wearing a hat, although does not like to actually keep anything on his head. He has also discovered my chapstick and how tingly it is.
Davis' nirvana
He still loves climbing on tables. This was his own personal nirvana, a whole ballroom full of tables and chairs that no one was using! He played in there by himself for 20 minutes before they came to reset the room, and I had to take him out.
He would like to have a straw in his cup, actually, let him hold the straw and drink from your cup, no not that cup! THAT cup!
He still loves art, and any pen he comes across requires paper. He has also painted, played with playdough, and done stickers, mostly without spillage or trying to eat the supplies.
Time to plant
He has discovered the side yard, and the wonder that is digging in the dirt. Moira cannot go outside without him, unless I want to listen to 15 minutes of screaming (hint, I do not). She also can't go downstairs to my parent's without him, with the same caveat. But! At least he's stopped trying to pull everything off the shelves all the time, so he can actually play down there for a little.
He had a language explosion at Norwescon, and now says ee (eat), go, ease (cheese), mommy, daddy, duh (dog) and no. I think he also has a words for Moira, Nain, and Grumpy, but I haven't pinned those down yet. He reliably signs more, all done, and milk. (He woke up shortly after I finished this post and made it totally clear that the word for Moira is "tee tee")
We checked out a Signing Time video from the library and Moira started doing the sign for milk, which we were using to mean nursing, for the milk in the fridge. Prior to this, she NEVER asked to drink milk, so whatever. Davis, of course started doing it too, leading to much confusion where Walker would bring him to me, and then Davis would arch back and SCREAM while frantically signing "milk! milk!" So, that was fun.
Washing dishes
He likes to help, a lot. He loads and unloads the washer and dryer, including closing the doors and pushing buttons, same with the dishwasher. He likes to put away his diapers and wipes. In fact, we can get him to put pretty much anything away, just by asking. He's not quite tall enough to wash dishes, but he wants to try. If I am cooking, especially if Moira is helping, he wants to help. Fortunately, he is content to just be at counter height and watch, although I did start giving him spoons of batter to lick while Moira was licking the beaters and spatulas, which has lead to him looking for spatulas at other people's houses to lick, just in case there's some forgotten cookie dough on them.
You can't escape the Davis
You cannot run. You cannot hide. Davis is coming for you, and he'd like you to wipe his hands for him please.

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  1. Sounds like a kid who knows what he wants and is ambitious enough to go for it! It's kind of fun to see how second kids want to do everything they see the big kid doing.