Monday, March 11, 2013

Keep moving

Fusiness drawer
We've been having a rough couple of weeks. Walker had to go to London for work, and we all (except Moira) got sick. Walker had it worst, which was extra fun, I'm sure, while travelling. Add to that Davis not napping very well due to teething, and his attempts to do more and more things, like rearrange the kitchen, take off his shoes, walk up the hill on his own, open doors, play outside with his sister.
Come on!
The good thing is that it's getting warmer and they can play outside, for a little, until we start construction on our future garage. Also, that he is cheerful while he does most of these new things, even when he's sick, he starts laughing as soon as he's had a little cry. When he won't nap, he will play cheerfully with his sister, and she will cheerfully play with him.
Post dinner art attack!
All my attempts to take things easy, and have extra help while Walker was gone failed. Being sick makes extra work. Extra help disappears if you get your helpers sick.
The sartorialist
The best thing from the last couple of weeks is that Davis has started expressing his opinions about what to wear. He likes hats, the color orange, his yellow rain jacket, and socks. The day of this picture, he insisted on wearing two shirts, but I managed to convince him that he couldn't wear two pants. Of course, he giggles whenever he sees something he really wants to wear.

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