Sunday, January 27, 2013

To the Mom on the internet that I judged

I'm sorry.
Moira's flower

Practicing non judgement is a personal goal of mine. I firmly believe that no one can say what is right for anyone but themselves. But the last month has brought a lot of stress for me, as well as a minor brush with internet fame where I made the mistake of reading the comments. NEVER read the comments! I hope you didn't read mine.
It's strange how being judged by others makes you more likely to judge someone else in return. Like, the only way to regain your surety is to pass it along? I reject that idea intellectually, and I'm ready again to take steps towards practicing non judgement again.

Thank you Amy, for always having the right way to gently encourage me back towards my goal, and all the rest of the Natural Parents Network team for supporting me along the way.

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