Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This song isn't too long

I've embarked on a project of redoing the tagging system on this here blog. Going through the archives is interesting. I get to reread about Moira's love of Iron Maiden at 2, and remember things I used to write that have fallen by the wayside. Mostly this kind of stream of consciousness, general update without a purpose. Well, I guess the purpose is to write down what's been happening.
There were also the Moira Recommends posts, which I think I will revitalize and do with her. And Davis is probably as old as she was when I started writing them. He is certainly interested in books and returns to a couple of them over and over.
PS3 time!
Moira got LBP Karting for Christmas, and in the couple of weeks that she's been playing there is a marked improvement in her skills. She now makes it to the third lap before someone wins, instead of spending most of her time trying to drive backwards on the track.
Davis got a lot of toys for Christmas. His favorite, by far, is a little puzzle board with doors, and inside the doors are different magnets. He carries the little magnets all around the place with him. He and Moira both really love the ball popping track she picked out for him. And there has been some arguing over who gets to play with it, at this very instant. She is pretty much only allowed to touch the magnet board if he's not around.
He also really likes books and has discovered that if you pick one out, and take it over to a person, they will actually read it to you! We have to take lots of breaks in the reading so that he can hold the book and carefully examine the picture. It's heart meltingly cute.
I'm trying to art journal again. It turns out that doing two pages a day was too much of a commitment, so I'm following along with the art journalling prompts at Authentic Parenting. It's much easier to do this once a week. Although I will admit that I did not get much Zentangle drawn before Davis woke up.
Moira did about 20 pages of scribbles next to me while I was working carefully on mine. We talked about the different types of lines she was drawing, and whether she was working fast or slow, soft or hard. After a couple of pages she started combining motions and techniques.
Davis gets super excited when he sees my parents, which is adorable. Last night he heard Dad come home from work, and started madly crawling towards his voice. Dad went downstairs before Davis got there though, and so there were tears. I had to take him downstairs so he could play with Grumpy for a bit.
I'm being told it's story time now, so I will stop writing. Tomorrow there will be a post about the other big bloggy project I'm doing this year.

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