Thursday, January 17, 2013

My floor sparkles now

So this is a thing Davis likes to do. It's usually only the art/project table, although he'll climb up at a different table if we try to move our work somewhere else. I'm trying to get him involved in what we are doing while he stays in the chair, but he wants to be in the middle of the action, and also to hold the glitter glue.
I had every intention of putting elastic around the edge of the table cloth so it wasn't so slippery, I guess I should do that.
Moira's stamp project
Can you blame him for wanting to be in on the action? Moira was so focused on this project, and spent a long time getting it just right. We just bought her a journal so she can work with me when I do my art journal project for the week.
Here is mine for this week. Much less exciting, and wrinkly because Davis knocked it over. I still like it. I suggested the stamps, Moira suggested the glitter, we both agreed on the paint. It's nice to have a collaborator.
Do you want this one?
He does have fun when he can stop working on his climbing on the table skills long enough to get to play with the supplies. Silly baby.

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  1. I bought M a journal, which means I should really start journaling myself as a model, hey? This just occurs to me…