Thursday, January 10, 2013

I can't get over

Davis sorts
How much Davis loves to put things away. As you can TOTALLY tell from this photo, he is carefully selecting which things on the floor belong in the bin. Let us ignore the fact that he took all the things out of the bin behind him to sort into the new bin.
He also loves
Nain and Grumpy. As mentioned previously.
Shaking his head "no" style, to mean "yes."
FOOD. No, not that food, the other food that he knows is right there. Oh wait, and that food too please.
Playing with toys.
He also likes to lie down on the floor/bed/couch/wherever and smile beguilingly at people.
Talking. Moira complained the other day that she couldn't hear the radio in the car because he was talking too loud. I laughed at her.
The snakes.
Returning books at the library.
Going in and out of elevators on his own. (Next up, pressing buttons. He was seriously contemplating them at the library yesterday. Moira will be displeased.)


  1. He also likes to control the power and joy stick on Nain's electric wheelchair.

  2. Mikko's getting irritated that Alrik gets a turn with buttons now. Welcome to your life as a sibling, kid! Your free ride as an only child is over.