Friday, December 28, 2012

So this is Christmas

Time to go!
Despite my Mom's terrified expression here, we had a good Christmas. Davis has figured out how to make his desires known and spent a lot of time crawling to various people to demand to be picked up. He's also figured out how to make Mom's powerchair go, so that's interesting.
Moira is really getting socially adept. She spent most of her time at our extended family celebrations leading people around, politely engaging in conversation, and convincing them to do her bidding. She even shared her brand new, and much desired, VTech Laptop with her cousin. I KNOW! I'm as surprised as you are. Possibly more.
Game haul
We got a lot of games for Christmas. The computer and PS3 ones are not pictured here, because of reasons. We've played Castle Panic, and it was as fun as Wil Wheaton made it look. Eventually I might get around to writing a post about good board games to play with kids.
Expanded Christmas village
Pictured in my Christmas village here are the Tiny Titans (and Moira) peg dolls I painted. She has already requested more of these. Pictures of Davis' new pants and shirt are on my camera still, so you will have to wait for those.

Is it bad that I already have a list of things to make for next year's Christmas? I figure it won't be so bad if I start now. This list is:
Cloth napkins - We need more of these anyway, now that 6 of us are using them every night.
Matching pajamas - Because I tried really hard to buy these and it was ridiculously hard since Moira wants a nightgown, and Walker wants a button up flannel shirt with his bottoms, and I'd prefer a knit shirt. Apparently real men don't wear full flannel pajamas now?
Hand embroidered gift tags - These could be really cute, especially if I use Moira's handwriting for hers. Awww!

Here's the other thing Davis started doing during Christmas! Purposeful walking towards a goal, all the way across the room! I love the Frankenbaby phase of walking.

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  1. Frankenbaby!!

    I've also been listing all the projects I want to work on now that I've missed doing any of them for this Christmas. I think it's less stressful this way, though.

    I want to see your peg dolls — cute!

    We also got a lot of games, and I was quite pleased. The kidlets & I have been playing Monopoly Junior and US Bingo pretty much daily since. (Sometimes I cheat at Monopoly so I can lose faster and end the game. That can go in your post, ha ha.)

    I'm very impressed with both your kidlets and their new skills, both physical and social. Pretty cool.