Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One whole year around the sun

Today is a certain someone's first birthday.
You can have this
Ta da!
It's crazy and ridiculous how big he is. How much he's not a teeny baby anymore. He has opinions that he is not shy of stating, and starts games all on his own, and all sorts of things.
Some of his favorite things right now.
This looks tasty...
Climbing up on things. Especially the art table, which always has tasty things on it like play dough. Note, some time after this picture he actually ate some of the play dough before I got it away from him, and he was NOT impressed with that taste.
Snuggling with Mommy and not other people, or being put down.
Books. He has started carrying them around, and reading(yelling) while flipping through them. He also likes to take a book into his favorite drawer to read in there.
Lead on Macduff!
Playing with Moira, especially this game where they chase/push each other around on the riding toys.
Opening and closing doors. He gets very upset when I won't let him into Moira's ballet class.
Feeding other people food. Real, or not.
Quietly opening the door to the bedroom after nap (it doesn't always latch right) and sneaking down the stairs to play with the shoes.
More food please!
He has a few words he says, and one sign he uses on a regular basis. Pictured is his version of "More food!" Which is raising his fist in the air, and making the sign for milk.
His word for food of any kind is: Nananana!
I'm angry, but not enough to cry: Blowing rasberries.
What is that?: Na! Na! Na! (with pointing)
Oooooooh: dododododo (softly)
Mommy: MA MA!
Hold me: Mamamamama
Daddy: Dadadada
I want to play: Dadadada! or Babababa!
Ready for the Nutcracker
He recently went down to one nap, which is sad because I finally got the hang of planning activities around his two naps! Other than that, it's fine because he still sleeps for a long time.
All in all, he's a joy to spend time with. Moira is still in love with him, even though he sometimes gets things that she doesn't. Walker and I are readjusting to keeping everything out of reach, and things that could be climbed on away from the counters.
Happy birthday Davis! Here's to another year of snuggly fun!


  1. I love birthday posts, and I cannot believe your Davis is so big already! That first picture of him is outrageous - so adorable! Happy happy birthday to Davis and happy birthing day to you, Shannon!

  2. Happy birthday to Davis! I think time flies even faster with the second baby (or maybe just with easier babies?). I love how energetic and intentional he's been getting. So fun!

    Isn't it always the case that we figure out their sleeping or other routines right before they change things up on us?