Friday, December 14, 2012

Elving time!

We have been busy (sometimes a little too busy) with Christmas activities lately. I keep thinking we are over booked, and then Walker will suggest a thing he could do on his own with the kids, and I think, "But I want to do that too!"
A selection of what we've been up to:
Here come the elephants
We went to Wild Lights at the Woodland Park Zoo. A couple of zoo employees excitedly told me that it was the first time ever! And I told them that wasn't true because they used to do it when I was a kid. I. Am. Old.
I taught Moira to make snowflakes. She quickly decided that it was best to only make one cut, so we have a lot of circle shaped snowflakes. Maybe we should call them suns, for the Solstice.
It took a little convincing, but Moira is happily on board with making presents and decorating wrappings. We call it "elving," and as soon as she's done with one thing, she wants to know what the next activity is.
The pond
We also went to the lights at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. Moira loved it, but was in a horrible mood, so she kept waffling between, "I want to leave now!" and "Let's walk through again!"
Watching the trains
We went to the Nutcracker with my Mom, and saw the train at the Armory. That is quite the display. Moira got to drive it for a little.
Our friend Tillie (the one Moira plans to marry when she grows up) came to visit and helped us make cookies and candy. We all went to the Luminary Walk at Greenlake, and Moira was distinctly underwhelmed. Candles in paper bags cannot hold up against the other light displays we have seen. I liked it though.
Can I have it?
After Davis' birthday, we put up our tree. Moira wanted to know where each ornament came from, and did a good job making sure the one's Davis can't play with are up high.
This afternoon we are going downtown to ride the carousel and see the gingerbread houses. All our shopping is done. I have a few handmade presents to finish, and we'd like to make more cookies. Oh, and we have to wrap presents. But mostly, I'm feeling ready for Christmas, and ready to relax a little and have fun.

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  1. She has on gloves for The Nutcracker! Clearly Moira & I are kindred spirits.