Friday, October 5, 2012

Sew baby sew!

Kids clothing week is coming up, and I'm going to try, once more, to participate. These always come at the worst times for me; the week of my birthday, when we are moving, or the week of Walker's birthday, which makes the perfectly reasonable goal of 1 hour a week of sewing, hard for me.
But I have a bunch of sewing to do, including some hand sewing I could do in the evenings, so I'm giving it a go. Here are the things I might work on.
2 more princess dresse (Aurora and Ariel) inspired by these dresses seen on Pinterest. I'm going to attempt to put long sleeves on these for fall wearing (also, accuracy!). Here's a picture the Belle dress from the same pattern I already finished.
I'm a monkey
Attach new trim to the purple dress I made two years ago that still fits her. She wants to wear it to the wedding in November, but the sparkles had started falling off.
Get started on her Wind Girl! costume for Halloween.
Make a pair of these for Davis.

Wish me luck!

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