Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally revealed pics!

Sika finally had time to get the pictures of our costumes from last Norwescon off her memory card. FU, grad school!
Chinoiserie gypsies
The theme was Chinoiserie Gypsies, inspired by a fabulous skirt we saw at con one year. Sadly we were all rushing a little, so these costume will probably not reappear at con very often. Mine was comfy, and I really liked my shirt, and I have plenty of leftover brocade, so I may remake this later. The big problem is that we didn't really look as much like a group as we have in the past. We have some theories, like the preponderance of black, and all the color mixing.
Costumed babies
The cutest part, was of course, the matching babies.
We didn't get a good picture of Davis' pants on him. I used Rae's big butt baby pants.
Poor thing kept getting over heated, so he was a barbarian baby for most of the day. So cute.

This year's plans are for 18th century clown costumes, AKA Harlequinade. Here is the Pinterest board I created to keep track of the idea:

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