Thursday, August 30, 2012

This was going to be for Wordless Wednesday

But it took too long to get these uploaded, so you get pictures AND words. Lucky you!
My good friend Sika came and used my camera to take family pictures. We had fun, and after doing posed stuff in the yard, we came inside and got silly. I'm saving the good ones for Christmas presents, but these are my favorite out takes.
Serious faces
They look so much alike!
Both kids were being a little pouty, and I was trying to silly them into a good mood.
Wedding time!
Moira had lots of photo ideas. Like that she and Daddy should get married and walk down the aisle. I get to marry Davis, apparently.
Tasty die!
Walker has a couple of very large 6 sided dice that Davis just LOVES. If he knows where they are, he heads straight over to pop one in his mouth. It fills up his whole mouth, but the corners are rounded, so I guess it's not uncomfortable.
This is serious
We decided to stage some gaming. Except then we all started taking it very seriously. Moira was totally going to win.
PS3 time!
Shortly after this photo, Walker pointed out that people would know we were pretending, because the lights weren't on on our controllers. So we turned the PS3 on, but left the TV off so as not to repeat our mistake.
Obligatory baby throwing photo!
Also obligatory nursing shot. Awww.

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