Thursday, June 28, 2012


I saw this post about creating circle art on paper plates and suggested to Moira that we try it out.
It went over like a lead brick.
That's not actually true. She loved the idea. She liked drawing on the paper plate, she liked watching me make circles. She just didn't want to draw circles on HER paper plate.
Round picture
This is my plate. I worked on it for a really long time, even though she used up her one plate (I have no idea where the rest of ours are) really quickly, hoping that she would maybe consider drawing circles on a circular piece of paper.
Here's her paper plate. That's Rapunzel (Because she has looooong hair Mommy!). When I suggested I could cut her a circle paper she liked that and then scribbled on it. Then she asked for a triangle, which she drew a spiral on.
Moira's round picture
This one she did after I was all done with my plate. "Oh! I like the way all your circles are Mama! Can I do one?" I guess maybe I should make a sample first if I really want her to engage in the process I had planned.
But I don't actually, although I'm usually annoyed that she asks me to plan activities and then wants to put her own spin on it. It's GOOD for her to put her own spin on things that way. Art isn't about doing what everyone else is doing.
Davis' first art appreciation lesson
My favorite part was when she did the triangle. Actually no, this picture is my favorite art. She wanted to show all the things we made to Davis, and I love how he just sat there and smiled and stared. Maybe he will have a great future in art appreciation. You can see the triangle in this picture though, so it combines my favorite parts.
I suggested that we could have a picnic on our decorated paper plates and she said no. She wants to keep it forever and pass it down to her children, which is something she wants to do with everything lately. Old baby clothes, broken toys, her shoes that are losing their soles, random receipts. It's an interesting life.

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  1. Ha ha ha! All I can say is that I'm there with you. Projects that don't happen as planned, trash saved as treasure. Yup. Love that Davis is so appreciative!