Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meal Plan Sunday!

I'm posting this early, because something else is scheduled to post tomorrow Morning. Who knows what would happen if two posts were scheduled to post at the same time? World might collide!
Monday: Mystery soup and roasted butternut squash salad. (The soup was brought to us after Davis was born, and we forgot about it in the freezer until we were cataloging the contents of the chest freezer yesterday. I think it's a squash soup, but I can't remember. The bit I broke off to see if it was still good was delicious!)
Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas Verde
Wednesday: Dirty rice and shrimp (note, this is a 'light' recipe that I have altered to be more fatty, and therefore, more delicious.)
Thursday: Sesame chicken.
Friday: Eating out
Saturday: Roast chicken & stuffing

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