Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making it home

I have finally been working a little on decorating. At least, I've been trying, but I seem to be doing everything wrong.
First try
I finally hung up the alphabet cards Becca gave us at Moira's baby shower. Except they full weight of this string of cards was too heavy for command hooks we were using, so it fell down. I decide to just attach them straight to the soffit with double sided tape. That has worked for half of them, and I've been reinforcing the others as they fell down over the last week.
It's so pretty!
I've wanted to make a little canopy for a reading nook for almost as long as I've had those cards. It was a good use of a rain day when we didn't have any other plans. Sadly, our house is so old that the ceiling doesn't seem to be made of drywall, so the hook I bought didn't work to attach it. I taped it up for this picture, but that only lasted a couple of hours. We plan to drill through from the attic tomorrow, and attach it that way.
4th birthday painting
I also hung up the birthday painting from this year, and that fell down too. Good thing there was no glass! I spent some time digging out most of our pictures and figuring out which room I want things in. Hopefully I can manage to securely attach those when I start putting them up.

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  1. Well, see, this is why DIY projects discourage me. It seems like something's always not working quite right. Glad you're finding new solutions for yours. Everything looks great when it's up! You can come help me hang pictures next. ;)