Monday, June 4, 2012

I finally got the photos off my camera

And it only took two computers and a thumb drive! I could start shooting in JPG again and need one less computer, but then I lose some flexibility in editing photos, especially the ones that end up too dark, so I'm being stubborn and holding out for internet to my desktop.
So here's some catch up from what was on the camera.
Going into the castle
Moira and the doula who helped me unpack made this castle. Moira is actually going into "Jahleel's house" so named because Jahleel was visiting when they built it. It connects by tunnel to her house, which now has a turret for dolls. Both towers have little ledges for crayon storage. We have expansion plans, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
Snack drawer
I have been slowly working on getting things organized. Moira's snack drawer was first up because it was quickly turning into a pile of open boxes and various loose foods kicking around the bottom of the drawer.
Fridge snacks
I also added a little snack drawer in the fridge, so she has a wider variety of things she can get herself, especially things with protein. I would like to point out that she still tells me (you can't really call it asking, since it's usually her bellowing "huuuuuungry!" at the top of her lungs) if she wants a snack. Is it annoying to be complaining that my daughter won't just get her own snack? I kind of expected her to be sneaking things by now.
Moira is ready for war
Moira wanted to learn about New Zealand last month, so we spent a lot of time talking about the Maori people and watching Haka chants on youtube. I came downstairs after quiet time to find her all dressed like this, which I guess is the rainbow sparkle version of a Maori traditional costume. Note the lip tattoos. She said she just wanted to be pretty, I like that she incorporated what some people do to make themselves look fierce into her prettification.
Moira's new bike
We got Moira a bike for her birthday. She took off riding it before we could take the training wheels off, and Walker hasn't had a chance to take her to Volunteer Park for real practice, so all my plans of teaching her to balance before she got the hang of peddling and steering went out the window. Oh well, she's happy.
I found her this Barbie guitar at Goodwill, and she loves it. She likes to play us music at dinner time. She also keeps trying to busk when I'm the only person around, and getting very annoyed when I give her pretend money. I've been trying to explain about the importance of picking your audience, but she hasn't made the connection that Grandparents are more likely to give you money then parents.


  1. I love the hippie busking pose at the end.

    The same sort of thing happened to us re: training wheels. I was all sold on the idea of a balance bike, only we couldn't find an affordable one that fit our tall dude (I guess they're meant for average 2-year-olds or something?), so we bought a bike with training wheels but didn't put them on. Only then he complained. And refused to try balancing. Until we put the training wheels back on, which only took us a year. So we're all a bit behind now. But, you know.

    I guess, when I think about it logically, I learned to ride a bike after graduating from training wheels, and I don't doubt it was kind of annoying for my dad, but here I am now, all trained. So…we'll work it out.

    I love Moira's Maori look! (Oo, say that ten times fast.)

  2. It's kind of like diapers/EC, huh? Either way works eventually.