Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And now... Davis pictures

You would think that hurts.
Lauren came over to watch my kids while I did a little more unpacking, earning my undying gratitude, and impressing me greatly. She watched 4 kids all on her own, and no one got hurt or even cried (much). I love how Alrik let Davis "explore" his face and just kept grinning.
Davis and Pick
Walker's aunt and cousin finally got to meet Davis. I took an adorable picture of Moira and Emily, but it turned out fuzzy.
Ready to go
I still can't get over how he loves the stroller. Did you know some babies just love strollers? Or at least put up with them? You don't have to bribe them and still listen to crying for half your walk? AWESOME.
This is the face he makes when he's blowing raspberries.
Upside down
Fists are tasty. No teeth have arrived yet, but they are trying to find their way out.
This is the face he makes when he's feeling his gums. It reminds me of a certain someone.

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  1. Love all the pictures! Love Alrik's complacency as babies rip his face off. Isn't it funny to have a very different second child? Who knew it could be this way?