Thursday, May 31, 2012

Technical difficulties

I don't have a way to get pictures off my camera right now, but I did figure out how to upload photos from my phone to flickr. I keep accidentally deleting them before they are finished uploading, but that's a different problem. As is the fact that I can only upload video to plus and a small selection of services I don't use, like youtube. I'm feeling constantly overwhelmed, and there's not enough time to get everything done. I can't vacuum the stairs because I don't know where an extension cord is and there appear to be no outlets anywhere near a stair case. One of these days we'll get back in the swing of life. So what has been going on?
Rock on?
Davis fits the Iron Maiden onesie! He is also army crawling all over. Especially if you put something electronic in front of him.
He's also staying upright if you get him in a sitting position. At least for a little.
I'm in a submarine!
Moira and I are spending our days out and about, for the most part. She went to her first arcade, and thought it was pretty fabulous. She got some princess tattoos, the first of which is still on her arm, with no obvious deterioration a week later. She's started to ask when it will finally come off.
Blue trees
I've been accidentally keeping Moira on the verge of exhaustion. When she almost falls asleep on the bus on the way home, you know it's been a big day. Admittedly, she was much of the reason we ran to the farthest ends of the Seattle Center three times, but still. I have an awesome shot of Pearl and Moira enjoying one of the fountains there, but it's one of the ones I accidentally deleted while uploading it.
Davis helps Daddy rock harder
We all enjoyed the forced at home time provided by Walker's first on call shift in a long time. My Dad took Moira out to Folklife on one of the days Walker was stuck at home, and Davis had a long nap at the same time. That was even better.
Jamming duo
Moira has been asking for a guitar for a long time, and we found this Barbie one at the thrift store the other day. Influenced by Folklife, she has started busking around the house, and is a little annoyed that I won't give her real money for her funk inspired version of "It's a Small World."

I have lots of pictures of very interesting thing. Davis playing with other babies, the cupboards I've organized, Moira's fabulous outfit this morning. I'm hopeful that we can get my desktop set up this weekend and, with the help of a thumb drive, I can finally get the pictures from there where I can use them. We shall see.

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