Saturday, May 19, 2012

Next up, I will juggle these flaming rings

It turns out that I can handle this parenting thing with two kids on my own. Well, sort of. My parents are here, and I hired help in the mornings for the days Walker was gone. But I'm doing the bulk of the heavy work, including getting both kids to sleep. Including getting them both to sleep at the same time by myself! That must mean I leveled up or something.
We've learned and all sorts of interesting things since Wednesday.

Davis, meet stroller
Davis likes the stroller. He would also really like us to give him some food already.
Vikings like crafts too
Vikings love crafts. And people in general love little girls in princess dresses and viking helmets.
At the Nordic Heritage Museum
Moira loves interactive exhibits at museums.
The internet occasionally answers your prayers and provides a movie night at a play cafe when you are looking down the long stretch of Friday night. Related to that, Moira can sit through a scary movie (Ratatouille).
Box castles are fun. Especially when someone else does most of the cutting and assembling.
Moira's first bubble tea
Bubble tea (and humbow) are tasty.
Making a spring roll
Anything looks tasty when it's made of felt.
Story time is still fun when you don't understand the language being spoken.
Playing Super Mario
Super Mario Brothers is still fun.
Curly hair!
Curly hair is painful to get, but still worth it.
Moira and Cinderella
If you make a doll out of a balloon, it's probably going to pop.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the University street fair in the morning. Then Walker should be home after lunch and I can take a nap.


  1. Cuute pics, I love Moira's hair. :)

  2. I can relate to this blog a lot! I use to feel like I was messed up for getting frustrated & annoyed with my 1st daughter for wanting to nurse up until she was 15 months, she had teeth and bit down everytime! I was so angry the whole time I was forced to be pinned down to a chair when I had lots of other things to do. She stopped on her own a couple months after I pregnant with my second daughter, who also stopped on her own at 9 months since became pregnant with my son while she was 5 months. Apparently the taste and flow change while pregnant an they dont like it, which is a good thing since your breast are tender during pregnancy. Now my son is a year old and shows no signs of wanting to cut back, even mostly refusing any kind of food pushing it away and trying to nurse through my shirt, but I been breastfeeding 4 years in a row and I'm ready and anxious for it to be over and done!!!