Friday, May 11, 2012

He's going places

Yeah yeah, Moira turned 4, and I turned 36. But guess who is 5 months old?
What's over there?
This guy! Wait...
There he is!
Davis is on the move lately. Hence the baby containment device. Not because he is getting into stuff he shouldn't yet, although he does like to chew on cords. Because his sister is having some issues letting him play with toys. My friend who is loaning this to us had a rule that older kids weren't allowed to touch it while there's a baby in it, and I've decided that that rule is part of the loan.
He is mostly doing the pivot and wiggle system of moving, but he's working hard on crawling. He also loves when we hold him up so he can stand.
He loves to talk, and laugh, and stare at people. He's recently noticed a couple of bald men, and they are apparently fascinating and terrifying. He stares and stares, then bursts into tears, then stares some more. I keep telling him that he doesn't have to look, if he's scared, but he doesn't believe me.
He's discovered his feet, and like most toys, they are going straight into his mouth. Books have also started to head to his mouth, which disturbs his sister greatly.
Oh yeah, here's the real 5 months picture.
5 months

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