Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ways Moira learned this week

I'm not sure if I'm going to make this a regular thing, but it seems like this last week was full of learning and growing, so I wanted to record it.

Life skills: While I was cooking one night, Moira asked to do chores. She swiffered the floor, washed dishes, cleaned windows in two ways, and tidied up her toys. We also worked together to make a color matching game for a busy bag swap. She cut apart over 140 paint chips, without wanting to take a break. And then she decided to cut apart some of the scraps, just for fun. She also helped me glue things together, but that wasn't as interesting for her.

Reading: Moira can now reliably identify all numbers and letters, even in unfamiliar instances, as well as the sounds some letters make. She has "Hop on Pop" memorized well enough that she was reciting it to me and Davis while drawing the pictures and words in her notebook. We finished "Pippi Longstocking Goes on Board."

Interpersonal skills: Twice this week, Moira has asked a clerk at a store to help her find something, the first time with no success, but she was still willing to try the second time. She was also broadened on her own her statement that she doesn't like boys who hit to "I don't like boys or girls who hit." Moira has also realized that you can return presents you don't like, thanks to a broken toy at Christmas. Sadly, this has lead to Moira asking to take lots of things back, if she's bored with it, or it's not pink. I introduced the "Giving Game" where we take turns wrapping up random things and giving them to each other. The recipient must say "Thank you!" and one thing about the present regardless of what it is. Moira was perfectly gracious during this game, and has requested to play it a few more times.

A rainbow!
Art: Moira and Walker found my painter's pallet, and she wanted to use it. Usually, when she paints, I let her pick the colors, but I wanted to see what she would do with a curated selection of colors. First selection was all the colors of the rainbow. She started out painting rectangles of each color, and then tried mixing them together, and was happy to discover that she could make brown and "black." The second selection was two shades each of purple and blue, plus back and white. She mostly experimented with brush strokes, even seeing what she could do with her fingers, and then she painted a rainbow.

Emotional control: We had a playdate with a younger friend who was having a hard time sharing and Moira was able to get over her sadness at having something snatched away multiple times and redirect to playing with something else. She was also willing to continue to try and engage her friend.

Car conversations: Moira has been very concerned with the upcoming move, especially as we start sorting through things to get ready. We have been assuring her that everything of hers will come with us, but it hasn't really helped her to hear that, and we have been talking about it a lot. Today, I explained that when we move, everything will be in boxes, and we will get to play "what's in the brown box" many, many times. "What's in the box?" Is her favorite part of library story time, so this was very exciting. I also tried to explain how you blow a bubble with gum. She couldn't manage it, but I think I explained it well.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week! :)

  2. Sounds like a great week, I love making everything into a learning experience for my daughter too. :)