Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sibling love

Moira & Davis
Moira and Davis were sick, and now I'm catching it, so we've had a lot of time at home fooling around. Moira is really enjoying playing with Davis. After this photo, he changed into a blue play silk, and they pretended to be princesses.
Did I mention that he really likes her?
Hey there
And that he can roll on his side now? But only when he's naked. Silly cloth diapers, holding him back. The first time he did this, Moira was very concerned and immediately pushed him back onto his back. Such is the life of a second child.
In a fit of really bad parenting I suggested that Moira could watch Davis while I took a bath. I realized how silly that was right away, and we took pictures instead.

All in all being home with the two of them all day long isn't as bad as expected. Except on Mondays, I've had a really hard time coping on Mondays.


  1. I love these pictures. You've got some frame-worthy ones for sure. And his smiles for her! Oh. Alrik gives Mikko the same adoration. Being a second child myself, I hope hope hope it's returned as they both get older.

    I have to admit, I sometimes stretch how long I trust Mikko to "watch" his brother… But I've mostly stayed reasonable. I think.

    1. Moira was telling us at dinner that she won't need a baby sitter when Davis is older, because he can take care of her then. Walker told her he will make sure to remind her of this when she is 14 and he is 11.