Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big emotional revelations, and other milestones in Moiraland

Moira can read the words "No" and "Yes" without any help from an adult. Walker would want me to talk about the fact that he has helped her get to the point where she is almost reading "Hop On Pop," but this was her reading a board book she checked out of the library that mostly consisted of those two words. We have read this book before, but it was more then a year ago.

I was telling her about the playdate we were hosting, and who was coming over for it. When she heard one of the guests was L2, she visibly shuddered and tried to hide behind me. "I don't like boys! They shove me!"
I am a little frustrated that we are back in this "I don't like boys" place, which coincided with her return from Disneyland. I have been pointing out that this is categorically untrue. She likes Mikko and L1 and Jahleel. But the week before Jahleel had shoved her (after a lot of provocation) and L2 has shoved her a few times. Instead of focusing on the "good" boys we talked about that.
"Do you remember why Jaheel shoved you?" Moira shook her head. "Were you screaming at him and snatching toys?" "Yes! He didn't like that." "No, I think it makes him feel scared when you scream at him. And how do you feel when people snatch things from you?" " I don't like it. Is that why they shove me?" I could practically hear the *ding* in her brain.
Doing the laundry
Jahleel came over later that day, and they played quite happily together. There was a moment when I could see things were about to go off the rails, and I reminded her it is a good idea to find something you can play with your friends. So they did laundry, Moira hanging, and Jahleel handing her the pins. When we had the play date a few days later, everyone managed to play well together, with screaming and pushing only happening after 3 hours when Jennifer was trying to get the kids ready to leave.

Her sense of curiosity seems to have had a sudden growth spurt (along with her compassion), I've been trying to answer more of her why's with "I wonder," and it's only been in the last week that that illicits anything other then a silly response. She actually seems to be thinking about the answers we give her. Along with that is more playful verbosity, like when she was singing every sentence while we typed her guest post. Or how she is giving us all nicknames (Momooshk, Dadooshk, and Babeooshk, Davetar, or Daiwoo), as well as speaking in other languages (she never identifies the language, and they all sound the same to me). She also frequently has some very important school work she has to finish right now! Usually while playing with friends.

Most impressively she is handling the transition of Walker being back at work swimmingly. Turns out she was being so needy for attention partly because there was more attention to be had. I'm sure the fact that she's actually slept through the night a few times lately help too.

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