Saturday, February 25, 2012

What happens when you take 3 babies, a toddler, and a preschooler to a tea house?

Cuteness! And no breakage!
Davis and his belly buddy L3. Look at the chub!
Steve and AlrikYummy spoon
Alrik with Daddy and Amarys. Many things were tasted. I even tasted an egg salad sandwich for the first time and liked it.
Mikko with cookieArpita
Mikko and Arpita.
Many cookies were consumed and much laughter happened. Thank you Arpita for suggesting we get together in the short time you were in Seattle!


  1. I LOVE the photos and love the company even more!! I'm so thrilled we were able to do a meet-up and the tea house was perfect!! I'm still so impressed with how amazing they were with all the tiny fingers and squirmy babies around that fine china!! Definitely must do again!!

  2. So fun! So glad you were able to meet up, and am sorry to have missed it. I can't really imagine my three in a tea house (bulls in a china shop come to mind?) but you guys make it look easy peasy.

  3. Notice that my older one didn't come along.

  4. Ah, but Kristin, did you see the Mythbusters episode where they actually put a bull in a (model) china shop and it didn't break anything? I have to admit, I'm surprised by that phenomenon as well.

    Thanks so much for the lovely pictures, Shannon, and to Arpita for spearheading this! It was wonderful to hang out with you all.

  5. Wait. What?! How do you know Mel Vose? I was scrolling through the photos on the post and saw Amarys and thought, "Wow, that baby looks just like Amarys!" And then, crazy, it was. Small world!

  6. HAHAHAHAAA, Rachel, I AM EVERYWHERE.... Duh duh DUHHHHH....

    Beautiful pix! I will have to do a WW this wednesday on that tea party; I'm slightly behind on my posting these days but I had a splendid time! =) The Tea House was remarkable in that the owner/waitress was SUPER nice and didn't mind the mess or our staying for three hours! I left her a big tip. =p

    It was very nice to meet you in real life =)