Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Surf: Things for me to think about

Dear Lego, I wasn't surprised when Lego came out with their "girl legos." I have, however, been very disappointing with their response to the backlash, especially their responses to the actual little girls writing in to request changes. Since this was posted, Lego has agreed to meet with SPARK and some other organizations to talk about how they can better serve girls. I hope they are willing to listen.

Learning to Respect Everyone's Needs, This is something we've been struggling with lately. Moira will break down completely when we ask for something like quite nicely and she doesn't listen, so one of use either loses their temper, or removes the problem. I'm hoping that a discussion of OUR needs will help to lessen the number of times where she screams "You hurt my feelings!"

Easy Tips for Successful, Stress Free Field Trips, I need to get more brave about doing trying to organize field trips. Hopefully I can take these tips to heart.

Why is Pinterest Spamming Your Facebook Friends?, This is a huge shame.Using access to people's contacts without asking permission first is a shady business indeed.

Honest and Genuine, a great post from Teacher Tom about how he thinks showing how you handle your emotions is much more effective then authoritarian parenting.

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  1. I think Lego did a better job catering to girls in the 1980/90s than they are now. The Lego "Friends" line is really lame. Fortunately, Alice is happy to build spaceships, airplanes, and trucks.

  2. Ty for including me :) Respecting everyone's needs is still a work in progress over here. As is wanting to do whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. Pfft.