Tuesday, January 10, 2012

State of play

Checking out the fire truck
Moira has a few pretend games she loves right now.
She loves to put sparkles all over things with her wand, and I love that I realized I could make it a thinking game and request that she sparkle "Something square" or "Something black." Really the possibilities are endless.
She loves to pretend she is someone else. It used to be me she was pretending to be, but after a Halloween party where one kid was dressed as Cinderella, she is now pretending to be Cinderella. What's great about that is that she has no idea who Cinderella is other then that she is a princess who wears a blue dress.
She also pretends her penguin pillow pet is her kitten.
After our trip to the fire station yesterday, she has started pretending she is a firefighter. This combines well with pretending to be Cinderella, so she is actually firefighter Cinderella. She put a fire out in my pretend house today and then wanted to put out the fire at Daddy's pretend house.
We still have to be very clear that things are pretend. If she is pretending to be a kitty and I say "Hello kitten!" She will correct me and make sure I readdress her as "Pretend Kitty."

After months (almost a year) of agitating to go to school, and the assumption from one of the teachers at the emergency day care that she was in school somewhere else because she was so in to the system, Walker and I decided to investigate preschool options for her. We found one that can take her right now with a 2 day a week program and asked if she wanted to go, with the caveat that she'd have to skip library story time and gym class. Apparently she'd rather continue those activities then go to school. Good to know.

Cat skeleton baby
Davis is currently the right size to wear my most favorite of the baby clothes we saved, including this outfit and the level 1 human onesie.
He has decided that diaper changes are pretty nice, especially when Walker is the one doing them. And they don't drag on too long.
He prefers to sleep lying down in bed. If he's sleeping out where stuff is happening he will usually wake up after about 10 minutes. And then he is not happy at all by the end of the day.

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