Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow snow snow

It's hard sometimes to be reasonable in the face of snow in the Pacific Northwest. It just doesn't happen often enough to be common. Walker and I dealt with being snowed in with an infant and a 3 year old by doing (almost) every snow related activity.
Mad eyedropper skills
Moira painted snow, inspired by this post. It wasn't until the snow got all dirty that I realized we should have given her juice or flavoring to do it with and then she could have eaten it afterwards. She was very excited that Walker let her eat some snow, and that was just plain.
They built a "snowman," even though the snow was much too icy and dry for an actual snowman shaped one. They also trekked through the snowy woods to the grocery store, followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Moira's snowman
I set Moira up with a tray of supplies (and precut white circles) for her quiet time one day, and this is the snowman she made. She's obviously been heavily influenced by snowmen in children's books. After quiet time, the pom poms disappeared. She only wanted them on there while the glue was drying.
Right before the rain started up, we let her have one of the icicles hanging from our roof. She ate the whole thing, and was very sad the next day that we hadn't saved the second one for her.
Moira also fed the birds in the break between big snowfalls. The birds didn't find it before it all got covered with snow, but we were pleased that this little Douglas Squirrel found it when it was revealed during the melt. Also now that the snow is mostly gone, she decided it was a perfect time to shovel the walk, and spent a few minutes out there with her plastic shovel.
We lucked out pretty well with this storm. There was no where we had to go, so we didn't have to shovel the driveway. We had stocked up on groceries (completely accidentally) right before it started. We lost power for 11 hours, but it was at nighttime, so we all just went to bed. Walker enjoyed Moira's enjoyment of the snow that was so much a part of his childhood, and I enjoyed cuddling by the fireplace with the baby. The only downside is that Walker's family was supposed to fly in on Friday, but all their flights were cancelled due to ice at the airport. Hopefully the can reschedule and come to meet the baby soon.

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