Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first time participating in Menu Plan Monday. It's part of my attempts to reestablish a family rhythm now that i have energy again. Because we planned starting on Sunday, I can say that so far it's working well. Moira enjoyed helping us cook today, and it was nice to know what to make well in advance.

We actually combined the start of meal planning with a new attempt to get family dinner back on track, by letting Moira select how much of each thing she wanted on her plate. That worked great for Sunday, since she stayed at the table for longer then 5 seconds and had more then one bite of her dinner before announcing "done!" In fact, we could have served her an adult portion of the salmon and she would have eaten it all.

Breakfast for Moira and Walker and lunch for all of us are a rotating selection of things we always have in the house, leftovers and eating out. As such, I'm not planning those meals, but if I don't plan and make in advance easy to grab things for me to eat for breakfast, it doesn't happen. Also, my inlaws are coming for the weekend so we don't need to plan anything for then.

Breakfast all week: Egg pie and Zucchini muffins

Sunday: Salmon with dill sauce and garlic rice
Monday: Morrocon chicken and quinoa (instead of the couscous.
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Rosemary and garlic meatloaf and maple mustard potatoes and green beans.
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Cashew chicken, rice and broccoli.
Saturday: Dinner out.

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  1. Everything looks delicious. . . I may try your maple mustard potatoes here!