Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comfy baby

Happy as a clam
Baby is still happy and healthy inside and has no plans to come out as far as we can tell. Eviction notice will be served on Sunday, although we hope it decides to make an exit before then.
At least all this waiting has given me an idea for what kind of ornament to get for baby's first Christmas. I found a snail ornament the other day and that seems like a good idea for someone who takes their own sweet time.
New dress
I had a second day in a row of sewing, but my energy for that is gone again. I got this blank dress for Moira decorated. She's very happy with it because...
Baby's stocking
It matches the baby's stocking. We've been careful not to refer to her new dress as a Christmas dress though, or she would refuse to wear it until Christmas. Instead we told her it's a winter dress, and she's happily worn it twice since I made it.


  1. To quote Nain, "I'm the snail with the mail!"

  2. I love the snail ornament ;)

    Been thinking of you and I'll be sending loads of easy labor vibes over the coming weekend!

  3. Good luck. I hope it goes well. The dress is adorable. And the stocking.

  4. Very cute baby! :) I love the ornament idea. I hope everything goes well!