Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today Davis is one week old. Here's what we've learned about him so far.
He has the huge Hillinger feet, just like his sister.
Diaper changes are his least favorite thing ever.
He also hates swinging movements, or really any sudden movement, especially at night.
If he's annoyed about something, he lets us know by starting with a full tilt scream.
Unlike his sister, he usually wakes up if I try to put him down while he's sleeping, but he will also sleep for 3-5 hour stretches right now, so I figure it's a good trade off.
He likes it when Moira sings to him.
Clipping her own nails
Moira hasn't been sleeping well lately, so she's been extra cranky, but she's also been increasing her in her independence. Possibly that is causing some of the sleep issues. Her are some if here new skills.
She can clip her own fingernails, with only a little clean up help on the edges.
She can get into and zip up her footie jammies.
She can open the car door.
She will climb up the ladder to her playroom and back down with only minimal supervision from us. (She has been able to do that for awhile but was too afraid.)
She also loves to get the new diaper out when Davis needs a change, to the point that she will come running from across the house if she hears the words "diaper change."

I've been borrowing my friend's fixed focus lens, which I already knew I wanted, and I love the pictures I can get with it, although I need to get used to standing farther away when taking photos. I am hoping she's too busy to get it back for a few months.


  1. O.M.G.

    I LOVE the photo of the feet together!! I am a TOTAL sucker for baby feet anyway, but I love how this shows them together and is just... it is just an awesome photo! I hope I remember to steal this idea when Spencer arrives. I'll have to put Sasha into some fun stripy socks, too, because her feet are eternally dirty!

    I am SO impressed that she is trimming her own nails! I recall my mother doing that for me for many, many years. I don't even remember when Tyler took over that task. No.Clue. I think it hadn't occurred to me that it could happen so early! Sometimes we really underestimate our children. :-\

  2. So glad to hear things are going well and that Moira's figuring out new things to do. That's a cool nail clipper.

    Isn't the lens fun fun fun? We just went on a horse-drawn carriage ride (like a hay ride, but sans hay), and this lady asked if we wanted her to take a picture of our family together, and I said she'd have to be standing where the horses were to get us all in. Yeah, that part's an adjustment. :P But other than that, I just love it to pieces. I've thought about getting a zoom lens in addition, but worry I'd never switch between them, and then I'd lose the yummy bokeh of the other.

    Ok, I'll stop babbling. FYI, your blog's loading really, really super slowly for me lately. I thought maybe it was a traffic surge when you posted your birth announcement, but it's persisting. Just thought I'd say something in case someone else is having the same problem and it's fixable somehow. (??)