Saturday, September 17, 2011

That should last us a couple of weeks

I met my last preserving goal of the year (minus of course, chicken/veggie stock, and beans which I just do as necessary throughout the year), and made tomato sauce last weekend.
Sauce to be
I bought 3 25lb boxes of canning tomatoes and made 14 quarts and 1 pint of sauce, with one whole box getting frozen whole because I ran out of energy. I had forgotten that even though some of the steps, like cooking down the sauce and the actual pressure canning, take a long time, there's very little actual downtime.
Roasted chiles
Because I had forgotten, I decided to roast and can the chiles that had been piling up in our fridge, and also make salsa when I neglected to grab all the chiles out of the fridge on the first pass. Plus we had some miscellaneous tomatoes lying around in the fridge and were going out of town the next weekend.
Chiles and salsa
It was a lot for one pregnant person to get done in 24 hours, but at least the last few hours were pretty low maintenance. I even decided to get more chiles so I can do more of the chopped chile pieces, although I will probably make Walker do the peeling and chopping since he seems to be impervious to capsacian burns. I love those little cans of pre-chopped peppers, and use them all the time, but I'm sure the commercial cans are lined with BPA and other horrible things. Since that was really the last canned item I hadn't managed to replace, I'm hopeful that these will turn out successful, but I'm not sure when chili is going to sound like a good idea again.
In other news, I finally tried papaya enzymes and I'm pleased to report that those seem to be effective at keeping my heartburn under control. Sometimes, I even want seconds of dinner! Unfortunately I have been experiencing a new pregnancy side effect where some bathrooms smell like used kitty litter to me, including one of the bathrooms in our house. Not fun.

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  1. Oh those look so good!! I recently bought 15lbs of green chiles, and we froze most of them. But I kept a huge gallon size bag of them out and we had a burrito making party (also for the freezer). One way to make life easier after #2 arrives :)