Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Surf

This is not as long as last week. Apparently, I was less inspired. Or something.

Do Inspiring Blogs Make you Feel bad About Yourself? So much of Mommy guilt is self inflicted. I always try to assume that mothers who are doing something 'better' then me are also probably not doing something I do as well.

Exaggerating for Effect, I love these tips. It seems like now would be a great time to be more silly as I am more likely to be cranky all day long. It's not much harder to threaten with pretend consequences then it is to tell her to "just leave me alone!" for the 5th time in 5 minutes.

The Kid Should See This is a website with nothing but interesting videos of all sorts of things. They are not all made for kids, but they are all interesting to kids. Moira and I watched a time lapse of a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis.

Your Furry Toys Traveling to Paris! Awfully expensive, but what a cute idea.

To my Someday Daughter, "You don't have to play second fiddle to a game, and you don't have to accept his guilt-tripping and the cruelty of his friends, all of whom play, all of whom resent you for the loss of their raiding buddy or playtest partner. You don't have to accept his culture and that culture's ignorance to your needs, nor do you have to subject yourself to their biases." Sexism is so pervasive in gaming, from the top down, and it makes me so sad. I sincerely hope that by the time this man has a daughter, she won't need to read this letter.

And, stolen last minute from Mamapoekie herself, Of Course I'm a Feminist, Aren't You?. I especially like the last line.

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  1. I absolutely love that first link. It's a good reminder for me. Thanks for sharing.