Sunday, September 11, 2011

Queen of the castle

I have reached the point of pregnancy where I can no longer order pizza, or make plans reliably. Today I had plans to take Moira to Remlinger Farms this afternoon, and had already told her about them. But when I checked the website before we left, I discovered that they were not in fact open until 6 today like I thought, but only 4:30.
Since paying $8 a head for 15 minutes didn't seem like a good idea, I apologized to Moira and offered up the alternate plan of playing in the play area at Bellevue Square, which she gleefully agreed to. She is actually in a fabulous mood, I think because she was so happy to actually be doing something special with me on the weekend. It's a refreshing change to the usual afternoon crankyness for me, and the special time with me while we leave Daddy at home is probably a pretty big thing for her.
Usually, the evenings and weekends are mostly Daddy time, excepting the rare autocross or something. In fact, since I've been pregnant, the actual number of things I've done with them on the weekends can be counted on two hands, and I'm no longer even eating dinner with them. By the time he gets home from work, or the weekend rolls around, I'm just too exhausted and overwhelmed to even have a conversation. I'm an introvert normally, more so while pregnant, and being around another person all day who is constantly talking to me is more draining then I can put into words.
Walker just handles the extra responsibility without complaint, but after awhile he starts getting a stir crazy look in his eyes, and that's when I try to actually let him have a couple of hours to himself. Fortunately today I seem to have a random burst of energy, possibly related to sleeping and eating better for the last couple of days, so I was able to actually do this. Moira is having a fabulous time playing on the castle, and I can just sit and watch.
I have to say that she is much more fun lately, coming up with plans and ideas, actually being able to work out a few compromises with me, and generally being awesome. I am waiting for her to start just deciding things on her own though, which is probably not something I should be looking forward to since she will usually ask me if she can, for instance, dump some paint on the porch. Usually though she does the things I would say no to, like cutting her own hair, without asking, but then asks me (I am not exagerating) 6 times in 2 minutes if she can wear the outfit she wore yesterday today. In her defense, she was checking out all the permutations she could think of. Can she wear it ALL day? Yes. Can she wear it when we go out? Yes. Can she wear it to the farm? Yes. Can she still wear it today? Yes. Note, she changed her shirt while I was out, which doesn't surprise me since yesterday's shirt was pretty filthy. I don't know why, but the answer is probably something along the lines of, it got wet.

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