Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two things

Moira and Evelyn getting married (with Daddy)
"Moira and Evelyn getting married (and Daddy)" 2011
This is the first time Moira has ever titled a picture like this. She has certainly told me what she was painting before (last night it was a lake and chicken nuggets), but this was the title. She also let me know when she was drawing the individual parts of it, her, Evelyn, Daddy. I checked, and this is a picture of her and Evelyn getting married, with Daddy in attendance. He is not also getting married.
This is her favorite activity lately. She has been spending a lot of time outside shoveling the gravel in our parking strip to "build a palace" but I have been lax in taking pictures. Partly because she never wants me to take her picture, and partly because I'm tired and I don't want to attract her attention when she's doing something that doesn't require my input.

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