Thursday, August 25, 2011

Small Style: Post rainy days

Have I mentioned how excited I am that Moira no longer picks the same outfits over and over? And that clothes no longer need to be strictly color coordinated? In my mind, this is how "real" kids pick out outfits, although I know that's silly.
What's that?
Stewie stayed home with us two days in a row, so Moira decided he needed a walk. And since it was a chilly 78 degrees, she needed a sweater and boots to do it. Admittedly this was after a night of rain so the ground was slightly damp. Whatever.
Stewie is not a fan of being walked by Moira, and she is not a fan of the fact that he ignores all her commands. They'll work it out eventually.

On Moira:
Sweater: Just Kidd'n, sadly no longer in business
Dress: Naartje
Pants: Gymboree
Boots: Circo, used from Tree House Consignment

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  1. Love her outfit! My son has the same sort of "issues" with our dogs! :)

  2. Cute outfit. I love the sweater.