Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Small Style: Fairies get married too

While the wedding dress was being washed (and it needs to get washed again, and have the trim fixed. Uh oh.), Moira started exploring the contents of her dress up box. She also has to buy everything she wants to wear out of there, for reasons unknown to me. This is actually the third outfit she wore yesterday, and it was the first one to make it outside. She is dancing with her husband, Ithaqua.

Shirt, knit by my mother
Tutu, made by Pearl
Pants, Naartje
Shoes, Crocs (which I hate and refuse to link to, because they are constantly falling off her feet at inconvenient times and then we have to STOP! and sometimes cry and frantically brush off the soles of her feet, even in the middle of the street, and if anyone buys her another pair when she grows out of them, I will scream. I'm looking at you, Dad, and now you, Sika, because I said they would annoy me)
Ithaqua, made by me

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  1. She is adorable dancing with her husband. How whimsical and sweet - perfect childhood memories in the making.

    Oh and I agree with you completely about the crocs. I hate the silly things.

  2. You're assuming the next fad in children's shoes won't be even more obnoxious.