Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moira's wedding plans

We went to the zoo today, and many, many things seemed to remind Moira of weddings. There was even a little girl wearing a gauzy white dress. I told her that people have weddings at the zoo, and I'm expecting that knowledge to get integrated into her plans soon. So far, here are her plans for her wedding, and married life.

She will get married in Seattle, and then she and her husband will ride the carousel. She will ride one of the horses that doesn't move.
Her husband is going to be a pirate.
I am going to make her wedding dress, and while she sleeps a handkerchief and a tiara with a veil.
I will also be driving her and her husband to their wedding, and then to the airport where they will fly to their new castle in Africa.
They will have triplets at the hospital, and she will feed the babies milk from a bottle.
Their new neighbors in Africa will wear hats and bring them a swing and a trampoline to put in their yard. Then I can come and visit.


  1. Your daughter's interest (obsession?) in marriage is really cute! I'm interested in learning how this became so important to her. Did you attend some weddings? Or did she see a wedding on TV?

    I'm just curious because I have 3 daughters who have never played 'getting married'. (But then, their parents aren't married, so that probably explains that.)

  2. I'm really not sure how she settled on a bride obsession. It started shortly after I got two photos from our wedding framed, and as far as I know they were the only place she'd ever heard of or seen a wedding. She had been drifting through a princess/ballerina/pink phase and I guess wedding seemed to hit the right notes for her. She also insists she's not a princess now, she's a queen, because one time she wanted to play princesses with me and I insisted I was a queen. So now she is the queen and I am the princess.