Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Imagination gone wild

At least if I'm still physically exhausted right now, I appear to be out of the mental exhaustion. I think I've taken more pictures of Moira in the last week then I did in all of June and July. And now I'm going to spam them on the internet! Yay!
Inspired by an episode of Cailou she saw at least a month ago, Moira decided to make a drum. I managed to let her figure out how to do it, even though she needed my help. Usually when we point out she needs a string for something, she goes to draw one at her art table, and asks me to cut it out.
This time, she found the ribbon (attached to an old balloon) and then asked me to tie it onto the tin. When I pointed out that that wouldn't work, she suggested we stick the ribbon inside the lid. I tied knots in it, to circumvent the obvious problem with that idea, and she ran off. Of course the lid popped off, and the ribbon fell out. After a couple of times of that, I asked what we should do. She suggested tape, and I made her show me where the tape should go (on the ribbon, inside the tin). The ribbon stayed on, but the lid still popped off, so she asked for more tape and showed me how to tape the lid on.
Drummer girl
Now she has a functioning drum, which she's been taking on a lot of parades outside. She always uses the same spoon and fork set as drumsticks, despite my suggestion of chopsticks, and unreasonable demands that they be kept in the kitchen.
When I make a demand that she thinks is unreasonable now, she tells me "You are not being fair! You need to be reasonable!" I'm not entirely sure where she got that phrasing from.
No babies!
Moira also made this sign, to hang on the wall between her bedroom door and ours, so that the new baby knows it's not allowed in either of our rooms. The faint white lines are another person, and I think the faint yellow lines are the words. I am pretending that the brown person is Walker because the way she drew the eyes look like glasses to me, but I didn't actually ask.
I helped her hang it up, but I pointed out that when the baby is born it will be sleeping in my room, so her sign can't keep the baby out of there. I'll stop here and save the pictures of naked window painting for another post.

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