Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The flowers are happy and so am I

Walker has been saving up his vacation days so that when the baby is born he can take the maximum amount of time off work, but he was about to accrue two extra days that would get lost if he didn't use them, so we had a long weekend as a family, which was wonderful, while being both extra tiring (because we did things), and relaxing (because he let me spend hours lying down watching TV) for me.
Avoiding the waves
The "big" activity was a two hour trip to Alki beach, as Moira has been begging to go to the beach. She was a little surprised that this beach trip was not like the one she and I took last year with friends, so we had to talk her into putting on her swimsuit and not wearing a sweatshirt on the very sunny day. She refused to go into the waves, but had a lot of fun digging in the sand with Daddy, and trying to fly her kite.
We had actually started the day at Farm Tots, and took my car in for an oil change, and we had lunch, which is why we were only at the beach for a couple of hours. 1) There wasn't much of the day left when we got there, and 2) I was completely wiped out. Sitting in the sun and not moving is ridiculously tiring for me. We decided to stop for ice cream at Molly Moon's on the way home, and since they had replaced the strawberry lemonade sorbet with tomato basil, we decided to reintroduce dairy to Moira. We are going to do it very slowly, and I'm already not sure it is a good idea, but it's worth a shot.
Saturday Moira's friend Evelyn came over with her Dad so that he and Walker could play Portal 2 while the girls entertained each other. I went out with her mother and little brother for lunch. Then I napped the rest of the day. Sunday we had brunch at Anthony's and then did some gardening, on the hottest day of the week. That was a great plan. Monday, Walker took Moira out for the day to try and wear her out so she would go to sleep early as I was hosting my quilt group that evening. They went to Kids Quest, Moira came back with a train she made from toilet paper tubes, and was indeed completely wiped out. It didn't help her go to sleep any earlier though.
I have more pictures of the weekend, mostly of some of the interesting outfits Moira and Ithaqua wore, but I haven't gotten around to taking them off the camera yet. Hopefully the transition back to our regular schedule won't be too hard for me. It certainly helped to have rain yesterday, and it looks like today will be cooler too.

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