Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mad skills with sharp things

I make my own sandwich
Moira has recently been insisting on making her own sandwiches. She gets the ingredients she can reach, helps spread, and most importantly, puts the top on when it's done. She does a good job spreading when she is patient about it, but frequently she smushes things around a bit and then lets me have a turn.
Put it like this
Last weekend she was very upset when we wouldn't cut her sandwich into a circle for her (and also cut the crusts off, I assume she picked this up from television, like her knowledge of who Kai-Lan is), so I pulled out the cookie cutters. Now cutting her sandwich into a fancy shape is a big deal, something she also wants to help with. So far we've done a wide variety of 'pretty' shapes, Tinkerbell, hearts, bunnies, stars. She's got a little work to do on figuring out which ones are too big, but most of the ones she likes are small enough to fit on her bread.
Moira's paper doll
I was doing something terribly important the other day, like being grouchy on the couch and reading Facebook, when she asked me to cut out this paper doll for her. Since that required getting the scissors I promised to do it in a few minutes. Moira said "That's okay! I'll do it myself!" and ran off to the art table where she started snipping. I geared up for what I assumed would be our conversation about how once you cut the paper doll into tiny pieces, Mommy cannot tape it back together, but this is what she did. I'm SUPER impressed, she only crossed the line twice, and one of those is a rip, so it was even less intentional. She picked out a dress for the doll for me to cut out, and then carried her around for the rest of the day, even insisting that she sleep with her.
I have always loved cutting paper, and I'm glad she seems to like it too. I remember spending a lot of time cutting out friend's paper dolls from an early age while they oohed and aahed over my ability to cut on the lines. Now I get to ooh and aah at Moira's ability to do the same. Mother daughter paper doll days, here we come!

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  1. that is so danged sweet! love the use of cookie cutters on the sandwiches, but kind of weirded out about how the crustless meme spreads. what a great job she did on that paper doll. i wasn't nearly so capable as a child even when i was a lot older, which makes it even more impressive to me.

    as a random aside, I noticed that was a Tom Tierney doll - did you know he's in Smithville, that place I'm (likely) going to be moving to in the nearish future? they talk about him at the Chamber of Commerce like he's a full-on celebrity (and he is, really, if you think about it) :D