Monday, July 18, 2011

Hooray for craft day!

Last week, Pearl and her daughter came over for a craft day. M decorated a jacket, Pearl worked on a shirt, Moira did beading, and I started a wedding dress that Moira had been requesting for a couple of months.
Moira's wedding dress
I finished it up the next day, but have been unable to convince Moira to actually wear it. She prefers to save anything she deems "too pretty" for a special occasion that never comes. I am trying to explain that when she actually gets married I will make her ANOTHER wedding dress, this one is just for pretend, but I think that like all the purses and bags she has packed that we can never ever unpack, this may be a losing battle.
I have been saving a wide variety of laces and ribbons, mostly given to me by people when their grandma's stop sewing. This is the first time I've used more then a yard or two. Pearl was very impressed.
Craft day!
After a couple of hours of beading, Moira got bored, so I suggested she could decorate a onesie for the new baby. She wasn't actually that interested in this activity, probably because it was close to naptime. She scribbled on it for awhile and then declared herself finished. I have another blank onesie, and I think we will have to try this activity again when she's not already cranky. Not sure when that will be since I tend to pull out activities as a distraction technique, but we'll get to it.
I'm glad we had a craft day. We have a sewing play date set up for later this week, but I think the kids are just supposed to play. I'm assuming that the presence of other children will be enough to keep her from wanting to work with me too much.
And down here
It must be true that children will pick the things to be excited about that will drive you the most crazy. First there is the pink/princess/fancy/bride thing we are in the throes of, and now she's started cleaning. Since we have a bottle of vinegar and water, I'm not worried about her using as much as she wants, but she keeps trying to clean the windows with one of our pot scrubbers. I finally hid the spray bottle on Friday just because I am so tired of the conversation that happens while she's cleaning. "I'm a cleaner Mommy! Now I'm cleaning this window! All done! Which window next?"
This would make more sense as an obsession if I ever cleaned, but I am doing less while pregnant then normal, and I didn't clean often to start with. She loves to mop the floors too, but that takes a lot more intervention on my part, so I don't let her do it often. I should probably be encouraging this, shouldn't I?

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