Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A bride will wear some of your shoes, and Daddy's shoes, and my shoes!

I mentioned how Moira is always talking now. I am not kidding. She had just figured out how to sit on this swing (the seat isn't fixed) and she was still talking. She talks all throughout her swim class, even when the teacher shows her something new.
She has started telling people she's shy too. Usually after trying to engage them in conversation, so now I'm trying to explain to her the difference between shy (which she really isn't) and reserved, since she usually wants to warm up to people before she'll talk to them or even look at them.
If she does engage you in conversation. These are the things she will probably want to tell you. Unless you just gave her a present, in which case, that will also be added to the list.
"My name is Moira!"
"I turned 3 on my birthday!"
"Mommy has a baby in her tummy."
"I have a dog named Stewie."
"Angelina is my friend."
She'll cycle through these until she hits the one that you understand. Then she's usually confused by any clarifying questions you may ask, so she'll move on to one of the other topics.

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