Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The sequel

It turns out that if you don't blog for a few weeks, never go anywhere, and nap a lot when your in laws come to visit, people start worrying that something is wrong with you. Everything is fine, I'm just pregnant. The baby is due at the end of November, and Moira is super excited. She thanked me for making a baby for her to take care of, and let me know that I need to make another one for me when I'm done with this one, and then one for Daddy. She would also like to name this baby Moira, or possibly Angelina. I have explained to her that people do not belong to anyone, and we will all take care of the baby. I also told her that Mommy and Daddy get to pick the name. Now that we've established those two rules, she mostly asks if it's Thanksgiving yet, because she wants the baby to come out and play. I have promised her that Thanksgiving will not sneak up on her, but she doesn't believe me.
As for me, I'm starting to feel much better, less tired, and more willing to eat. This never happened when I was pregnant with Moira, so I'm pretty excited too. I've picked a midwife, and I'm happy to be giving birth in Washington this time.


  1. Oh, super-hurray-yay! That's wonderful! Congrats to the whole family, and so glad you got to rest through the settling-in period! YAY! Fresh baby on the way!

    Love Moira's response & how you handled it :D

  2. Yay, wonderful! Congratulations and I'm so glad you've got through the sick-y part. Moira is looking so big-girl these days, its amazing, and her "thanks for making a baby for me" comment is hilarious.

  3. Congrats on "making a baby" it was so nice of you to go to such trouble for Moira! Tristan goes back and forth about baby Carson. When they play nice together, he says "that is why I wanted you to make me a brother" and when they are not "that is why I didn't want you to make me a brother." Kids! I hope you are over the worst of the yucky feelings and get to enjoy being pregnant!