Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Norwescon post mortem

I had a great, if busy (and sleepy) time at Norwescon. I think I did less dancing and drinking this year since any year since I started hanging out with Pearl. She was a remarkably good influence on me this year, but don't worry. She was a horrible influence on at least one other person. Probably more while I wasn't looking. It was also the first Norwescon (ever! In my 19 years of attending!) where I didn't burst into tears about something silly.
The last two years I have taken my camera, only to abandon it in my room and take maybe 3 pictures with it. I did take a number of pictures with the camera on my phone which had the added bonus of letting me upload them straight to Facebook. I'm going to share my favorites here with a bit more commentary. But first! Pictures of the costume I was working on, taken by the amazing Sika (the group shot was NOT taken by her, but was with her camera).
My full costume. Parasol was made by Jeanine, hair flowers by Mirella, and jewelry by Pearl, but I did the rest. You can kind of see that there are two different colors of red crinkle cotton in this shot. The ruffle on the bodice, under sleeve ruffle, and bottom layer of the skirt are all the darker red. The sleeves are just pinned up, and I need to make that permanent before I wear it again. I decided after I saw Pearl & Mirella's sleeves that I liked them much better that way.
The green/red fabric I used for the jacket part is a shot silk sari Sika brought me from her travels, although neither of us can remember which travels. I was saving it for a different long time planned costume, but the red was perfect with this. The trim on the jacket was given to my Mom when she was Baroness of Madrone way back when. I'm glad I finally found a use for it, but I only managed to use about half of it.
Here we all are. Sadly, this is the only time all four of us were together in costume, but there are plenty of shots other people got of different groups of the three of us. We are still in negotiations for what to do next year. We all got hall costume awards for these costumes. Mirella and Sika were in the right place at the right time, and then made Pearl and I lurk in the right place until ribbons were awarded.
320: Proper flyer distribution
Pearl and I checked in on Wednesday and spent the night running around forgetting things. Putting up fliers was our primary Wednesday responsibility and it only took us 6 or 7 trips back to the room to remember everything we needed and attach the signs in ways that they would actually stay on the sign boards. Sigh.
321: Success!
After that, it took us about 7 hours to get the first Daily Zine (my job this year) published. Mostly because of all the swearing I had to do at publisher. We never did remember to look for no breaking lines and how to stop it from auto-adjusting line breaks. I'm pleased with the job the Zine group did all weekend, and I'm never doing it again.
I kept wondering how I managed 12 hour days in KidKon for 10 years, with twice nightly security checks, until someone pointed out that I was much younger then. Oh yeah.
Almost there
Norwescon sold out again. On Thursday, we had sold twice as many memberships as our previous high from last year. I think this means that more people are coming for the whole weekend and this makes me really happy. Sadly, we have no more room in this hotel, and our only choices are to spread to two hotels or go to the convention center, which is already booked on Easter weekend. I'm hoping that some insanely wealthy scifi fan will decide to build Norwescon it's dream hotel. Any takers?
I got to stay Sunday night this year which meant I went to my first Dead Dog party in more then 15 years. I have no pictures of that, and even if I did, I probably couldn't post them. What happens at Barcon, stays at Barcon.

Moira asked me today when it would be Easter again. Not soon enough.


  1. The costume is gorgeous! It sounds like you really had a fantastic time :)

  2. Beautiful costume! I wish I could have made it there this year. :) It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  3. WOW!!! Beautiful job on your costume!!! Amazing.