Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do you think?

276: Sleeve
I'm making a 18th century country dress for Norwescon this year. I forgot to remove the extra hem and seam allowances on the sleeves before I sewed them together, so they are way longer then I was expecting. Unscrunched, the sleeve goes all the way to the middle of my hand. If I were to add elastic to make the top part poofier (I tried to replicate that here with the scrunching) this is probably the shortest I can make i. Should I do that, or should I rehem the bottom layer shorter, or do both?
The bottom is a darker color then the top, but you can't tell that in the picture. I am planning on adding a band of red satin where I would put the elastic, even if I don't add the elastic.


  1. I vote for bunching. Looks pretty!

  2. Pretty! I think the length here is great.

  3. Definitely no longer than it is, it depends on how fussy you want to be. It would look more period to shorten the flounces, but you don't have to be period it is Norwescon. It will be gorgeous either way.

  4. Yup, add the elastic so it bunches up. So pretty!