Monday, March 7, 2011

Princesses love the dirt

I was outside gardening today, and after a fruitless search for her rake, Moira came outside with her shovel and a little cloth doll.
"Look Mommy! It's a princess! She is getting married. She and her daddy are dancing. They are dancing in the dirt. They are dancing and she is getting married (note, she still hasn't figured out the difference between husband and daddy, so I'm not actually sure if the princess was dancing with her father or her husband.) and dancing in the dirt. Princesses love dirt. And so do their fathers."
"Yes they do honey. Do you love dirt?"
Eventually I had to kick her out to go play in the other bed so I could fit the eleventy billion beets I bought into the first one. That's when she started making a dirt mountain so the princess and king and queen could go skiing. Everyone loves skiing apparently. But she's not building a magic carpet, so they will have to hike to the top of the mountain.

I mentioned in passing on Facebook when I was offered a free copy of "Cinderella Ate My Daughter in exchange for a review, you know, if I felt like it. They even managed to get my name and the name of my blog correct, which is always nice.
I wish I had been more excited about this book, but it just felt a little light. Peggy wrote the article that was the impetus behind this book just last year, and I think that the rush is probably my reason for feeling that way. Plus, she's really preaching to the choir with me, so there wasn't anything mentioned that I didn't already know and/or agree with. I really wish she had explored a little bit more how princess culture is affecting boys, something she briefly touched on. I would have read it even without the review copy, but I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it.

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